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Maya & Ming

Maya (previously Sadie) and Ming (previously Nathan) found their forever home in August. 'They were dropped off at The Moggery after being rejected as surprise gifts. After a rough start they are doi…

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Loki & Mogwai

Loki (previously Donut) and Mogwai (previously Morris) have settled really well into their new home. They certainly look very comfy and spoilt already. Bless them, so pleased they have found a loving…

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"We adopted Zandra (now Bethany) six weeks ago. Bethany is now well and truly part of our family; a playmate for the children and a great cuddle buddy for us all! We feel very blessed to have her in …

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"Zorro (now Herbert) came to us in June he was very scared when he first moved in but he is so affectionate now. He is a chilled out old man who enjoys company and a cuddle. He has learnt to trust us…

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Sula & Teddy

"We just wanted to say a huge thank you for sending Sula (Peaches) and Teddy (Tangy) our way. They are a delight and have settled into our home really well. It's lovely to see them growing and gainin…

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Crumpet & Macaroon

Crumpet (tortie) and Macaroon (tabby) were adopted from the Moggery on Saturday. They are settling in really well and getting up to all sorts of mischief! They certainly look very comfy in the pictur…

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